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Personal Injuries*

Trevor Bowles Solicitors is well versed in dealing with a wide range of personal injury* claims, helping clients to receive the compensation they are entitled to after suffering an injury due to third party negligence. We deal with clients from all over Ireland and pride ourselves on our approachable manner. We maintain continuous communication with our clients to ensure they are kept up to date on all aspects regarding their personal injury* case.

We can advise on all aspects relating to personal injury* claims, including:

  • Personal Injury Assessment Board (PIAB) Applications

  • Accident Claims

  • Court Work

  • Litigation

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Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accidents are one of the most common incidents from which personal injury* claims arise. We at Trevor Bowles Solicitors have extensive experience in representing clients injured in a road traffic accident that was not their fault.

We can assist with all claims relating to road traffic accidents, including:

  • Accidents Involving Uninsured Drivers

  • Claims From The Driver*

  • Claims From The Car Passenger*

  • Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Accidents At Work

Accidents at work can arise due to the negligence of other employees or due to failures by the management team. In all cases, we are able to represent clients to ensure they receive the compensation they are entitled to.

Accidents In Public Places

In cases where an injury has occurred in a public place due to their party negligence (e.g. an uneven footpath, a slippery floor, etc.), a compensation claim may be warranted. Trevor Bowles Solicitors represents clients who have been injured in public places, helping them to receive compensation for their injuries.

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