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Our expert team can assist in all aspect relating to probate. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Trevor Bowles Solicitors provide our expert services in the area of probate, helping clients to draft wills ensuring their assets are distributed to their wishes after they are deceased. We advise all of our clients to draft a will, as this will ensure their assets can be distributed as they see fit.

Trevor Bowles Solicitors can advise on all aspects relating to probate, including:

  • Making a Will

  • Enduring Power of Attorney

  • Probate

  • Contesting a Will *

  • Wardship

Probate refers to the area of law which deals with the drafting of wills and intestacy. Under this legal process, an executor or an administrator is appointed to deal with the assets of a person who has since become deceased. They are also tasked with gathering all assets held by the deceased so that any liabilities in the deceased’s estate can be paid off. In cases where a will has not been drafted, the laws in the state governing intestacy will apply (a common example of this would be where someone who is married has become deceased without drafting a will, in which case the assets will automatically be transferred to their spouse and children).

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